Research & Consultancy Projects

Ongoing externally funded Projects/Consultancy


Consultancy Project on Human Olfaction, Industry Funded, Amount: $ 14,000 approx., Duration: 1 Year, Role: PI

2023 to 2024


NiPDD: Designing an Artificial Intelligence-based CMOS Sensor System for No-Invasive Detection of Parkinson’s Disease, ICMR Funded, Amount: 42 lks approx., Duration: 2 years, Role: PI

2023 to 2025


To create a state-of-art facility for big data analytics of large-scale genomics and proteomics data, DBT Funded, Amount: 70 lks approx. , Duration: 5 years, Role: PI

2022 to 2027


GenomeIndia: Cataloguing the Genetic Variation in Indians, DBT Funded, Amount: 140 lks approx., Duration: 4 years, Role: PI

2020 to 2024


STI-HUB in ICT IIITA Prayagraj, DST Funded, Amount: 190 lks approx., Duration: 2 years, Role: Co-PI

2022 to 2024

Past/Completed externally funded Projects/Consultancy


Development of kit for simultaneous isolation of viral RNA by magnetic nanoprobe and rapid detection of novel coronavirus by highly luminescent gold nanoclusters, DBT Funded, Amount: 14 lks approx., Duration 1 year, Role: Co-PI

2020 to 2021


Popularizing the benefits of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) among the farmers and rural population in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, DST Funded, Amount: 12 lks approx., Duration 2 years, Role: Co-PI

2020 to 2022


Integration and testing of e-nose like device to mimic the Human Olfactory system, DIC – MHRD Funded, Amount: 2 lks approx., Role: PI, 

2017 to 2018


Development of HEMAT System, MeitY Funded, Amount: 27 lks approx., Duration: 3 years, Role: PI

2017 to 2020


Development of New Methods and algorithms to identify Exon-Intron boundary and finding signatory signal patterns for genetic abnormalities like autism, DST Funded, Amount: 23 lks approx., Duration: 2 years, Role: PI

2010 to 2012

Mentorship/ Advisory in externally funded Projects


Mentorship: Post Doc Fellowship: Characterization of novel antagonizes for chemokine G-protein coupled receptor.

ICMR : NARI: Though NARI-IIITA collabotration


Mentorship: Drone for Climate-Smart Agriculture and Precision Spraying.

NIDHI EIR project, KIIT TBI Grant


Mentorship: Pesticide Spraying Drones for Agriculture and Smart Farming

JAWAHAR R-ABI, PUSA KRISHI-ICAR, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi