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Tapobrata Lahiri


Krishna Misra


Principal Investigator

Team of Scholars

Vishal Singh

Research Scholar

Unnati Soni

Research Scholar

Pankaj Tyagi

Research Scholar

Nidhi Kumari

Research Scholar

Nidhi Dubey

Research Scholar

Satyendra Prakash

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Prabhat Tripathi

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Ankish Arya

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List of Alumni @ SysBio Lab

Vidhu Agarwal

Ph.D, 2023

Anju Sharma

Ph.D, 2022

Shivapriya Pingali

Ph.D, 2022

Rahul Semwal

Ph.D, 2021

Imlimaong Aier

Ph.D, 2020

Rashmi Tripathi

Ph.D, 2019

Saurabh Gupta

Ph.D, 2018

Utkarsh Raj

Ph.D, 2018

Himanshu Kumar

Ph.D, 2016

Other Alumni (MS/ MSc/ M Tech)

56. Sonal Bansal (2023)– M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Influence of Personality, Gender on Olfactory functioning

55. Sanjana Sharma (2023)– M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Creating an efficient sequence data repository through blockchain concept

54. Akshay Kumar (2022)– M.Tech thesis
A study on Sector Wise Stock Price Prediction using News Headlines

53. Ashish Kumar Sharma (2022)– M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Artificial Intelligence Based Data Labelling

52. Md Ahmad Jami (2022)– M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Hybrid Model for Hybrid Model for Fraud Detection in Online

51. Omkar Khodwe (2022)– M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Estimation of gender and chronological age category using Panoramic dental X-ray images

50. Tryambak Bhattacharjee (2022)– M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Curation of a Unified Database for Gene, Disease and Drug Associations

49. Gaurav Singariya (2022)– M.Tech thesis
Genome Compression Technique Based On Dissimilarities

48. Ritik Sinha (2021) – M.Tech thesis
Application of Artificial Intelligence in Stratified/Precision Medicine

47. Saumya Verma (2021) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Segmentation of different Skin Lesions using a Encoder-Decoder neural network

46. Saicharan Reddy Shankar (2021) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Acceleration of Brain Tumour Detection in the Cloud

45. Gaurav Singh (2020) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Automatic Detection of panoramic X-ray Images of Teeth Through Segmentation

44. Amit Kumar Misra (2020) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Tool for Rapid Genome Clustering

43. Mritunjay Chaudhary (2020) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: A Tooth detection technique model using deep learning

42.Sarwar Ali (2020) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Smarter & Intelligent Kidney Function Analysis App

41. Boggavarapu RSS Srinivas Gupta (2019) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: A tool for Motif Based Functional Annotation of Enzymes

40. Priyanka Tiwari (2019)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Identification of Gene Regulatory Elements

39. Aishwarya Pandey (2019)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Prediction and Analysis of Breast cancer Data using Machine Learning Approaches

38.Ashish Kumar Singh (2019) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Electrocardiogram-based Real-Time driver drowsiness detection.

37. Eashwer Ram B (2019)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title:Prediction of ligand binding sites in proteins using a structure-based method.

36. Imram Beg (2019) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: A geometrical grid-based approach to predict ligand-binding sites and functional characterization of proteins.

35. Rakesh Rajan (2019)- M.Tech Thesis
Thesis Title: Drowsiness detection through eye monitoring

34. Jeevan Sai (2019)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Biocircuit, a user-friendly workflow designer

33. Parnav Pandey (2019)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title:Adverse drug reactions and drug-target prediction using machine learning techniques.

32. Darshna (2019)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: An entropy distribution based classifier to predict subcellular locations of human proteins.

31. Sanghpriya (2019) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: A branch and bound approach to tackle the problem of de novo genome assembly.

30. Anupam Vishwakarma (2019)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Predicting human olfactory perception from molecular descriptor using a machine learning approach.

29. Aqsa Javed (2018) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: PocketSearch- A Hadoop based approach to predict protein-ligand binding

28. Ritu Jaiswal (2018) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title:Protein Motif Discovery Tool

27. Alokita Jaiswal (2018) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: SPARC, A potential Target for Pancreatic Cancer

26. Sher Mohammad Khan (2018) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Finding Novel Targets in Oral Cancer using NGS Data

25. Mausami Mondal (2017) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title:An Entropy-Based Classification of Breast Cancer genes using Microarray Data

24. Bhusan Jain (2017) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Drug Target Network

23. Nimisha Roy (2017) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title:Cancer Epigenetic Network Analysis Using Graph Theory

22. Anjali Nayak (2017) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title:Infections associated with Biologic Therapy: a clinical Meta-analysis study

21. Prashant Kumar (2017) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title:Decoding the differential methylation patterns in Ovarian Cancer using NGS data analysis

20. Imlimaong Aier (2016) – M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title:Structural Insights into Conformational Stability of both Wild-Type and Mutant-Type EZH2 Receptor

19. Manju Kumari (2016)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title:Identification of small non-coding RNAs in maize responding to phosphate deficiency: A Genome-wide Analysis

18. Sunil Patel (2015)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: DeepInteract: Deep Neural Network-based Protein-Protein Interactions prediction tool

17. Swapnil Tichkule (2015)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Mathematical Modelling and Systems Biology approach for the simulation of IL-6 induced signaling pathway

16. Vandana (2015)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title:DUSR (Distributed Ultrafast Shape Recognition): Hadoop based tool to identify similarly shaped compounds

15. Yashbir Singh (2015)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Functional annotation and Active site prediction of conserved Hypothetical proteins from Triticum aestivum (Bread Wheat)

14. Yashasvi Jain (2015)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: In silico identification of glucagon receptor antagonist for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus

13. Abhishek Singh Chauhan (2012)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: ADME prediction by statistical learning

12. Anubhav Saxena (2012)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Annotation of the human genomic sequence by combining existing gene prediction tools using hybrid approach

11. Jyoti (2012)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Prediction of N-Glycosystem sites in non -glycon sequon proteins

10. Nitesh Jain (2012)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Lexical analysis for the measurement of conceptual duplicity between C programs

9. Swati Patel (2012)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: To calculate the rupture force between biotin and streptavidin using molecular dynamics simulation

8. Himanshu Kumar (2011)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Determination of protein-protein Interaction through Machine Learning Approach

7. Swati Srivastava (2011)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Prediction of Drug Intestinal Absorption through Machine Learning Approach

6. Renesh H. Bedre (2011)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: A New Information Based Numerical Representation of DNA for the Detection of Gene using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Approach

5. Anju Sharma (2010)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Prediction of Ligand Toxicity

4. Arun Chauhan (2010)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: ProtSeqFunc: a tool for automatic molecular functional annotation of protein in Eukaryotes

3. Rajnish Kumar (2010)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Prediction of oral bioavailability of drugs using a machine learning approach (SVM)

2. Bhumika Arora (2009)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Prediction of Exon-Intron boundaries using machine learning

1. Pooja Gupta (2009)- M.Tech thesis
Thesis Title: Prediction of blood-brain barrier permeation in the drug database by using SVM and cheminformatics approaches